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2023 schedule coming soon.


2022 classes below.

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We are proud to announce that the Bristol Yacht Club and EBSF have joined with the United States SailGP Team as an official partner of 'Foiling First', a new athlete development program created to help advance diversity and inclusion in the sport as part of the nation's first-ever pathway to professional foiling. This will help expand the incredible talent of the large group of young people who have been dominating EBSF racing and sailing – as they learn from the pros how to excel in the fast new world of foiling.



This partnership began in 2021 when EBSF hosted a Foiling First: Learn to Foil Camp. For two days in July the U.S. SailGP Team athletes introduced local youth and coaches to foiling. In addition, participants were involved in educational programming from U.S. SailGP Team partners RISE and World Sailing Trust. These programs are aimed at growing awareness of how athletes can inspire change when addressing the topics of diversity and inclusion.

a special thanks to...Athletes Jimmy Spithill, Rome Kirby, and Cooper Dressler 

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We are proud to offer a new way to sail - on hydrofoils! This class is recommended for students of ages 15-17 who have advanced sailing skills and seamanship skills.


With a variety of sail sizes 5.5 - 8.5 square meters we can fit the boat to the sailor. Successful foiling requires good technique, and a lot of practice. Students should expect to sail in all weather conditions with safety being our top priority.

Students are not required to bring their own boats.

EBSF has a fleet of 6 single handed foiling sailboats as well as helmets available that students will be able to use and will offer clinics with specially trained instructors.

If you have questions regarding equipment or questions about the boats, please contact: 

Our new trainer boats allow safe and fun environment with trained coaches. 


Whichever course is right for you there will be an instructor and a coach boat with you. You will stay in communication with the instructor by head set and be able to view video footage to observe your progress

6 Week Intro  $650

6 weeks * 8:45 AM until 1PM

Monday Sessions 

June 27 - August 8

Thursdays Sessions

June 30 - August  4

Courses cover topics such as how the boat works, rigging and tuning, pre-flight checks and safety, launching/landing, the secure position, turning around, tiller and main sheet management, sailing fundamentals of weight, steering and trim, controlling the boat when foiling, points of sailing and speeding up the turns. 

Week Long Clinic $825

5 days ** 9 AM until 2 PM


August 15 - 19

Condensed version of the 6 week intro spread over 5 days. Gain confidence and dive deep getting a lot of time on the water. Sailors will learn foiling theory, and techniques to help sustain flight. Students from the 6 week intro class are invited to reach out to the Foiling Manager ( if they have interest in attending the intermediate level of this clinic.

Learn to Fly:


Note: due to the unpredictability of the weather the exact time of day for the class may be set to change 

          * classes will take place from 8:45 AM until 1PM

          **Full day is scheduled as 9 AM until 2 PM


Emails will be sent within the week leading up to each day of camp confirming exact times based on up-to-date weather predictions 

This confirmation will  arrive from the Foiling Manger and will be based on the discretion of the Manager, their instructors, and the Program Director.

Any questions can be sent to

Additional Offerings:


Contact the Foiling Manager ( to schedule:

"Try to Fly" 

Two hours-

you will get a taste of foiling on a single person boat. Overseen by trained coaches you will learn basic maneuvers and be able to see what it takes to make the boats fly. 


Four hours-

(Tuesday/ Friday offered 8-12 or 1-5)

Familiarize sailors with foiling boats while learning the fundamentals of getting the boats to fly. This course will introduce sailors to these exciting new boats and help them gain knowledge and confidence in foiling techniques

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