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Learn to Fly on a Foil!

Come fly with EBSF!

1 Person Private Lesson (2 Hours ) - $180

1 Person Private Lesson (4 Hours) - $324

1 Person Private Lesson (6 Hours) - $475

2 Person Semi-Private Lesson (4 Hours) - $250 per person

2 Person Semi-Private Lesson (6 Hours) - $400 per person

3-4 Person Group Lesson (4 Hours) - $180 per person

3-4 Person Group Lesson (6 Hours) - $280 per person

1 Day Foil Clinic with Skeetas and Nikkis (Group 10+ people) - $50 per person


Please note: class times do not need to be consecutive. Time of a class can span over 3 days. 

Foiling Class Options

Sail GP EBSF BYC logo .png

Class Info

Foiling classes can consist of Skeetas or Nikkis. Ages range from 13 years old to adults who are capable of single handedly sailing dinghies such as laser/Ilcas, 420s, sunfish, etc. EBSF provides helmets for your safety, but if you would like to bring your own, please feel free to. Email the program director at or call (401)257-6774 to schedule a time for foiling. We are happy to work with your schedule to meet your needs. 

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The Skeeta and Nikki

Whether you’re looking to take your first steps in foiling, or an experienced thrill-seeker, EBSF has a foiling sailboat for you! This class is perfect for students 15+ who are capable of sailing a dinghy single-handedly. With safety being our top priority we provide detailed instructional lessons, helmets, and BB-Talk'n communication devises that allow the instructor to communicate directly with students through a headset.

Skeeta is the latest foiling dinghy that incorporates all-around performance. Sailors are no longer left waiting for a breeze to go sailing. Th
e Skeeta is fun and capable of sailing in all safe wind ranges. It is more stable than narrow skiffs and can be sailed without hydrofoils, making it more versatile as an all-purpose dinghy. The hull is simple, robust, unsinkable, and quick to rig.

Skeeta is suited to sailors of all levels: from beginners to professionals. Add the foils and it is a highly-developed, but forgiving, foiling machine with amazing performance.

Nikki is a brand new dinghy designed and built for kids and lighter sailors.

Nikki is a fully open, modern scow designed for learning to sail and fun, competitive sailing. It’s capable of planing upwind, bringing a whole new level of fun to youth sailing – a new thrill to captivate and entrench young sailors into the sport for life!

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