East Bay Sailing Foundation offers a variety of classes for all skill levels.  Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced classes - cruising and J/22 sailing and racing means there's a class for everyone! Come sail with us! 


The beginner class is a hands-on introduction to sailing, with no experience necessary. An instructor sits in every boat at all times, but you will steer, tack, gybe, and trim the sails. Safety on the water is a large focus in this class. No experience necessary.


Each weekly class session includes 2 ½ hours of sailing and a half-hour of classroom work. Instructors are seasoned, veteran volunteer sailors. We sail on Cape Cod Mercuries, very safe 15' fiberglass keel boats with a main and jib.


Classes start at 6pm and sail until sunset

Classes offered:

Mondays for 5 weeks starting July 12       $265

Tuesdays for 6 weeks starting June 22     $295

Thursdays for 6 weeks starting June 24   $295 


Intermediate / Advanced sailing will cover some of the following topics: (on J/22s )

  • advanced sail trim

  • spinnaker (J/22)

  • sailing in different wind conditions,

  • rigging for a race

  • racing strategy

  • operating as part of a keel boat team and

  • emergency procedures

Experience is required. This course is only recommended for those with a strong grasp of sailing


Tuesday evenings , 6pm.
for 6 Weeks starting June 22,  $295

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The J-22 Women's Sailing Program is designed for women who have some prior sailing experience, such as the BYC/EBSF's beginner or intermediate sailing programs, or as crew on a family boat. The program is focused equally on the twin goals of having fun on the water while enjoying the camaraderie of women learning together and further advancing your sailing skills.


You'll sail aboard one of the EBSF's J-22 boats with up to five women, and with or without a designated sailing instructor, leading to a low-stress, but extremely fun, sailing experience. We will have the option to sail C420s on occasion, as well. 

Monday Nights, 6pm

5 Weeks starting July 12.  $265


Learn how to plan an enjoyable cruise, navigate safely along the coast, moor, anchor, dock, manage sails, and other skills necessary for a successful cruise.


For sailors with intermediate experience.


At the end of this course, you will be able to:
- Prepare a boat for a safe cruise.
- Moor, dock, and anchor a cruising boat.
- Navigate a simple coastal cruise.
- Sail a cruising boat safely and efficiently.
- Work safely and politely in and out of port.


- Successful graduation from the basic adult sailing course, or equivalent.
- Successful experience sailing, mooring, and preparing a small sailboat.

Tuesday Nights,  6pm   $295

6 weeks starting June 22


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