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Accomplished in 2021:

  • Add a few minor upgrades to the boat

  • Launched in March, 2021 with a new electric outboard and battery

  • Summer 2021, she was part of the EBSF coach boat fleet

  • The Brown Sailing Team plans to use the boat for coaching and race committee work in the fall of 2021

  • Coming Spring 2022:  2 demo days to give sailing programs, coaches, and recreational boaters a chance to use the boat.



EBSF is conducting a study to determine if an electric powered coach boat, which operates with minimal environmental impact, can also be a practical, cost-effective, coach boat. We will build a prototype powercat by re-powering and updating an existing platform. The project includes a comprehensive, data-driven, testing program to quantify the boat’s characteristics. EBSF will engage other sailing programs and members of the local community to share the concept. If the prototype performs as planned and proves to be a functional, practical option for sailing programs and recreational boaters, they will move to phase two which entails the design and building a fleet of electric coach boats. This grant is in partnership with 11th Hour Racing Ambassador John Mollicone.


  • Install and test the use of an electric outboard engine on an existing coach boat to determine if the cleaner electric engines are a feasible option for yacht clubs, college sailing teams, and sailing centers.

  • The Brown University Sailing Team and Ambassador John Mollicone will test the electric powercat as a coach and race committee boat during the fall 2019 collegiate sailing season and beyond.

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  • Using the TotalBoat shop space at Jamestown Distributors, we are taking apart the old catamaran and planning a new console/ windshield/ seating area for the driver. 

  • We are adding a forward area for setting marks and anchoring that is a stable area.  We are modifying an old A Class Catamaran. 

Here are notes from the TESTING Phase - Summer 2019 - Oct. 2019.

We have been working on a variety of multihull designs - with a number of different electric and 2-stroke motors.  Thanks to Elco for coming to help and for allowing us to test their 15 and 20HP electric engines. We are continuing to test turning radius, battery life, planing time, and more from our HQ at Bristol Yacht Club. Stand by here for updates. 


thanks to 11th hour racing for their generous donation to our effort to make the ocean a greener place for us all to sail on! 

Several members and EBSF volunteers are interested and are involved in assisting with testing and brain power. 

Dave Guinther has been super helpful and lent his Torqeedo Outboard for testing on the power cat. 

Want to help? Reach out to our Project Leader, Chris Bjerregaard. 

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